TRONYFI Private Sale: 4th Dec 2020, 17:00 UTC!

5 min readDec 2, 2020

Private Sale General Information

Date and Time

TRONYFI is excited to announce that the TYFI Private Sale shall start on 4th December 2020 at 17:00 UTC and will end on Dec 10th 23:59 UTC.

If you would like to participate in the TYFI private sale, please check your time zone against the UTC time and plan accordingly.

Public Sale Size and Per User Allocation

· The Private Sale shall be for 300,000 TYFI tokens in total.

· The Private sale shall be in two phases as per below table:

· The price of each TYFI token is set at 0.10 USDT.

· Each user who successfully subscribe shall be entitled to purchase up to 500 USDT worth of TYFI (max of 5,000 TYFI per user) in multiples of 100 USDT.

· This means that users can choose to purchase: (i) 100 USDT, (ii) 200 USDT, (iii) 300 USDT, (iv) 400 USDT or (v) 500 USDT worth of TYFI.

· All users accepted into the Private Sale will be eligible for their full selected allocation, (assuming that your details are correct), with exception of the last accepted user who may only receive partial allocation.

· All payments shall be made in USDT (TRC20) only. More information to be provided to users who successfully participate.

· All payments will be accepted only from the wallet address shared by the participant.

Private Sale Format — FCFS Whitelisting

The Private Sale shall be done via First Come First Served (FCFS) subscription.

· The participation in the Private Sale shall be done via a Google Form link to be provided in the TRONYFI Telegram Group ( as well as on TRONYFI website (

· The Telegram Group will be muted 30 minutes prior to the release of the Google Form (4th December 2020 at 16:30 UTC).

· The Google Form will be released at 4th December 2020 at 17:00 UTC.

· The channel will only unmute after the Google Form is closed.

Due to regulatory restrictions, citizens and residents of the following countries will not be permitted to participate in this token sale.

· Mainland China

· Any country sanctioned by the United Nations

For all other users, please closely observe and comply with regulations and laws in your jurisdictions. TYFI retains exclusive rights to remove any user(s) from the Public Sale purchase if the user is found to be in breach of any country’s regulations or laws.

Expected Private Sale Process

Users can expect the following process to take place from the public sale day:

1. TRONYFI Telegram Group ( will be muted 30 minutes prior to the release of the Google Form (4th December 2020 at 16:30 UTC).

2. The Google Form will be released at 4th December 2020 at 17:00 UTC.

3. During the channel mute period, user should ONLY take announcements made in the muted TRONYFI Telegram Group Chat as official communications from the project team.

4. At the Private Sale time, the Google Form link shall be released into the TRONYFI Telegram Group Chat and TRONYFI website ONLY. The link will NOT be published through Twitter, Medium, Discord or any other channels.

5. Users may access the Google Form link to submit their registrations.

6. The Google Form registration is capped at a maximum of 300 responses. The form shall close automatically upon receiving the maximum number of responses. This is to ensure that we get the most diverse participants as investors in our project.

7. The channel will only unmute after the Google Form is closed.

8. Users who (i) complete all the questions in the form correct, (ii) are from whitelisted countries, and (iii) are within the allocation limits shall be given the purchase allocation in the TYFI Private Sale.

9. Screening by the project team post-registration will take approximately 2 hours after submission.

10. Following successful participation of users, the project team will contact the eligible users over email via:

11. Winners are given 24 hours starting from the time of receiving the confirmation email to send funds to the Private Sale receiving wallet address, which shall be provided via email ONLY. Late senders shall be removed from the allocation.

Required Information for Registration

Some of the information required during Private Sale registration includes:

· Email Address

· TRC20 Wallet Address

· Country of Citizenship

You understand that your private information is collected for the purpose of the Private Sale only. Should you feel uncomfortable about sharing your personal details with the TYFI team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

User Warnings

As the crypto space is populated with scams, the project team provides the following user warnings to the TYFI community:

1. Any links found outside of the TRONYFI telegram and its website should be considered false, and users should not visit any of these links.

2. All public communications regarding the Private Sale shall be done via the muted Telegram Group Chat until the process is completed. Please do not trust any other sources.

3. The TRONYFI project team will NOT message you first over Telegram or via any other channels. If anyone messages you claiming to be the TRONYFI team, please disregard and stay cautious.

4. All wallet addresses, fund requests, and communications will be done over email via

5. The team will not publicly disclose the Private Sale wallet address or disclose the Private Sale wallet address via Telegram direct messages. Any wallet address provided to you by anyone through any channel, except for communications from, should be considered false.

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TRONYFI(TYFI) is the first ever TRON-based DeFi token leveraging Bonding curve model through TRC20 smart contracts to generate wealth for its investors — through holding and staking. Our mission is to provide equal opportunities to everyone to secure their financial freedom and live their dream lives. TYFI is Trustless, Borderless, Verified and Confirmed smart contract and the best thing about TYFI is that its token value is 100% backed by TRX reserve in smart contract through Automated Market Maker (AMM).

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TRONYFI is the first ever TRON based DeFi selling token through Bonding curve model. All token value is 100% backed by TRX reserve through AMM.