!!TRONYFI Project Emergency Update 2!!

2 min readJan 22, 2021

Once again, we would like to thank you everyone who trusted us and invested in the project either via private sale or public sale. In addition to the issues with developers, we also had some issues with some youtubers who charged us for promoting the project but didn’t deliver. Still giving them a last chance here before making their name public, as we are sure they are too reading this article silently.

As we previously mentioned about the issues in TYFI contract, it took long time to try every possible solution to revive the current contract, but it didn’t work out well. So, we decided to deploy another smart contract from scratch to make sure that we eliminate the current contract issues.

We are happy to inform you that we have managed to deploy the new contract successfully. Consequently, we are going to add liquidity, as promised, on JustSwap in the next 3–4 days as we need to finish a couple of pending items.

Now what does it mean for you?

This update is mostly for our private sale investors. Anyone who interacted with TYFI website (Dex) to buy/sell tokens don’t need to do anything.

Private sale investors

Please send your TYFI tokens to below address within the next 72 hours:


Please note that if you don’t send your TYFI tokens then we won’t be able to swap to the new TYFI tokens. You only need to send the TYFI tokens which you received after TYFI launch. The private sale investors which didn’t get TYFI token after the public sale launch don’t need to act. We’ll use the old data to send you new TYFI tokens based on your allocation.


- Within 72 hours, please send TYFI tokens which you received after TYFI public launch (these tokens to be precise https://tronscan.io/#/token20/TYUJZngoUFMmRH7GobnKfQYz61cvUmvj2p )

- After that, within 24 hours TYFI team will verify and send you new TYFI tokens

- Once the above steps are completed, TYFI team will add liquidity on Justswap on Jan 26th and will post the link in our official telegram group.

- We’ll resume both TYFI dex and add liquidity to Justswap

We respect our TYFI community and further developments will be driven by the community. More updates regarding project development would come after the TYFI liquidity event. Thank you again for your patience and support!




TRONYFI is the first ever TRON based DeFi selling token through Bonding curve model. All token value is 100% backed by TRX reserve through AMM.