TRONYFI Public Sale: 20th Dec 2020, 15:00 UTC

2 min readDec 16, 2020

Public Sale Launch:

After discussing about the launch date, we finally decided to launch the platform on 20th Dec 15:00 UTC. This is best for the project as launch on 20th gives us time to push more on marketing and making sure that we get high number of visitors to our platform resulting in increased volume.

Public sale clarification:

We have observed in the telegram channel that there is some confusion about TYFI Public Sale. Let’s get this cleared so that everyone understands what we mean by Pubic Sale.

Public sale means when we launch the platform, and anyone can register to buy and sell TYFI tokens, any amount

There will not be any other sale through any forms or links. If someone shares any links with you asking for funds, PLEASE DON’T SEND FUNDS!!! That’s a scam.

Interacting with TRONYFI platform:

It is a TRON-based platform so you would need TRX in your TRON wallet, TRONLINK. So, be ready with some TRX in your wallet when we launch so that you could register using your TRONLINK wallet and buy TYFI tokens.

Also, please remember you always need extra 2–3 TRX for a transaction to go through, so when buying always make sure that there are enough TRX in your wallet to cover the transaction gas fee else your transaction would fail.

DEX launching:

We are planning to launch TYFI on decentralized exchanges (DEX) like Justswap in early Jan 2021. Until then, you can buy and sell TYFI tokens using TRONYFI DEX platform, thanks to it’s Automated Market Maker (AMM) feature.

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TRONYFI(TYFI) is the first ever TRON-based DeFi token leveraging Bonding curve model through TRC20 smart contracts to generate wealth for its investors — through holding and staking. Our mission is to provide equal opportunities to everyone to secure their financial freedom and live their dream lives. TYFI is Trustless, Borderless, Verified and Confirmed smart contract and the best thing about TYFI is that its token value is 100% backed by TRX reserve in smart contract through Automated Market Maker (AMM).

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TRONYFI is the first ever TRON based DeFi selling token through Bonding curve model. All token value is 100% backed by TRX reserve through AMM.